How It Works

Competition Analysis The first step includes a thorough analysis of the competition [...]
Online Marketing Mixture & Budget Allocation The second step includes the selection of the marketing tools [...]
Setting Up Online Advertising Campaigns The third step involves the structuring of online advertising [...]
Reporting & Analysis In C2P we give particular attention to reporting and transparency [...]

Search & Display Network

Google gives advertisers the opportunity to display ads in both the Search and the Display network. In C2P we balance the budget between these two options according the advertised business goals. We give particular attention to all the details that make our customers ads attractive, engaging and placed in the highest ranking position, keeping in mind that the more quality ads we generate, the less our customers pay per sale, thus the more efficient their investment becomes.

Testing and refining placements, keywords, audiences and other more detailed features that Google Adwords provides, are procedures that we thoroughly undertake on daily bases.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool used mainly for reporting, tracking the performance from all traffic sources, analyzing visitors’ behavior and creating website experiments that improve the conversion rate.

In addition, we can retrieve significant information about the quality, the navigability and the profitability of the websites. In C2P we accumulate information from different sources and put them together into a unified custom-made report that is easier for our clients to understand.


Given the fierceness of the competition that exists among online companies, optimization is the key factor for a successful marketing investment. C2P has evolved strategies and techniques that take into account numerable metrics, aiming to maximize sales while minimizing the CPA. We always apply all the new available features of Google, keeping our managed account updated. Working at arms length with Google, our Google Adwords specialists implement the most updated tools, always maintaining our managed accounts at the top level.


Facebook’s vast network offers great opportunities for advertisers to display their ads. In C2P we use Facebook ads in order to extend the e-businesses’ exposure and to promote the brand awareness to the public. We have observed that companies that combined a considerable exposure on the Facebook and the Google network, have significantly increased their conversions. Tracking and measuring the performance of Facebook ads and balancing the budget between Facebook and Google are crucial in order to maximize the online marketing overall ROI.

Traffic boost and Low CPC opportunities

Facebook is a source that can be exploited in order to drive low cost traffic to websites. We organize Facebook campaigns in such a way as to minimize CPCs and keep CPAs as low as possible. Optimizing Facebook campaigns involves among others, testing ads’ texts and images and experimenting on all the existing targeting options. In order to increase the overall profitability, we analyze and compare visitors’ behavior from all traffic sources, and we calculate various metrics in order to conclude on the budget that must be allocated in each source. Thus, we mitigate our clients’ risk of losing more profitable opportunities from other PPC sources.

Targeted Video ads

Youtube has made available for advertisers to display their video ads into the Youtube network. Having detailed targeting and display options, we manage to show video ads only in relevant audiences, thus minimizing CPAs.

An affordable investment

There is no minimum budget and Cost-per-View (or CPV) is currently very low. Consequently, Youtube Video ads are an affordable investment for all companies, regardless of their size.

In C2P we use Youtube advertising mainly for branding and for testing the profitability of Video ads variations before they are launched on TV. Advertisers can see the effect of their Videos variations on a range of audiences, and then select the one that has generated the highest conversions.

TV ads VS Youtube ads

TV adds’ high costs and minimum budgets hinder small and medium sized businesses to be advertised. In addition, the effect of TV ads is vague, as there is no way to clearly record the online conversions that have been generated from TV. Moreover, there is no targeting method, and therefore, Tv ads are shown to audiences that are likely to be irrelevant to the product or service that is being advertised. All these factors lead to the conclusion that TV ads are an investment that only a small fraction of the market can afford and they constitute a considerable risk for online companies.

On the other hand, Youtube ads are inexpensive and can be started and paused at anytime. The abundance of targeting options that Youtube provides, can be exploited in order to show Video ads only in highly relevant audiences, thus maximizing sales while minimizing costs. What is more, the effectiveness of these ads is fully measurable, as advertisers are able to record all the conversions generated from Youtube. Substantial information about the characteristics of the audiences that have converted more is useful for further investigation and marketing research, thus assisting the advertised company to make critical decisions on its future strategy.

Maximize E-Business exposure

In order to reach all the potential customers, advertisers should place their ads in all the available networks. Even if Yahoo! Search network is significantly smaller than the Google network, in C2P we place ads wherever there is a possibility for conversions, always keeping CPAs as low as possible.

International E-Businesses

In Greece, Yahoo! Search network covers only a small part of the total search queries. However, this is not the case for other European countries and the U.S.A., where Yahoo! Search is more widely used. Indeed, we suggest to our clients to allocate budget to Yahoo! Search, primarily when they are willing to expand their business abroad.